The pet industry is increasing at an explosive rate and since the last decade, it has been noticed quite a great increase in the pet industry. In 2015, the estimated product spent on pet industry is more than $60 billion only in United States of America and it is expected to rise in 2016 as well. This is the main reason behind the success and development in the pet industry. Some of the latest trends in pet industry are discussed below.

Latest Technologies in Pet Training:

Pet training has been a crucial aspect of the life of the pets. And it has always been amongst the first priorities of the pet’s owners to train their pets and there is another term used regarding the training of the pet is “humanization” of pets which best describe what the owner want from their pet.  The word humanization refers to enable the pet to behave like the human and live according to the owner’s instruction. There are several steps taken by various firms to offer different advanced pieces of training to pets, and they have always been some new inventions. For example, if a company is selling life jackets for the dog and they have been getting a fair response from the consumer but after some time, the user starts to demand a better jacket than the previous one. So the company then makes a new jacket with the material which is used for the clothes for the surfers. So now almost in every field of pet industry latest technologies has been demanded and the products same as it is for the humans.

Increase in Pet Sitting and Pet Walking:

As the life is getting busier day by day, the services sector in the pet industry is also expanding very quickly because most of the peoples don’t have sufficient time to take care of their pet. And the love for the pet is so high that no owner want to compromise on their dog’s or cat’s health so regarding this there have been a definite increase in pet walking and pet sitting industry. These are some of the fundamental service offered to different dogs and cats in which owner hire any professional pet sitter which takes care of the pet in an absence of their owner which includes the walking of pet, and several other services like the food of the dog and proper exercise for the pet.