English Springer is one of the most famous dogs in the UK. English Springer is the breed of the gun dog from the Springer family which was traditionally used for flushing and retrieving game. English Springer is very excited and affectionate dog breed and very athletic and versatile dog. This dog has been widely used as the pet and accepted and appreciated globally by various pet owners. Some of the skills and other information of English Springer are discussed below.

Origin and Appearance:

The English Springer spaniel is a compact medium-sized dog from the root of England. It is a beautiful dog with a considerably long coat in which feathering on its legs is what make this dog different from other breeds.  English Springer is a well proportioned and well-balanced dog with a kind of friendly wagging tail which makes this dog even more beautiful and attractive. English Springer is an averagely built dog with the height ranges from 18 to 20 inches and weight from 22 to 25 kg. English Springer had an average lifespan from 12 to 15 years depending on the condition of living and the care they get.

Nature and Temperament of the Springer Spaniel:

Springer spaniel is temperamentally unyielding and extremely obedient dog. They have a very playful nature and adapts very quickly to the family. But if you are planning to adopt an English Springer then it is most important that you must socialize the Springer as early as possible. And if it is taken care in the right circumstances then it can be an asset and also an excellent family dog. English Springer is also widely used for hunting purposes because of its effectiveness and alertness.

Qualities and Salient Features of the English Springer:

English Springer is a beautiful and highly affectionate dog with many qualities, but it also requires a proper training to make it healthy and to run. Training plays a very crucial part in the dog’s life and its health. If you are using any dog as a pet, then you must give proper training and suitable food to them to make them healthy. English Springer is very energetic and temperamentally very healthy and can help in hunting causes also. English Springer is not excellent guard dogs and can get distracted by the noise. English Springer is a pet dog and superb dog to play with and a very great source of entertainment for the kid.